How to beat those holiday blues!

Who hasn’t felt like this (picture above) during the midst of the holiday chaos? I know I have! Between present-buying, home-decorating, office-caroling, office-partying and cookie-baking, there leaves almost no time to relax and enjoy the holidays (and few days off work)!  The holidays, which are supposed to be a time of love, relaxing and happiness, turn into a great ball of stress, which leave people wishing for the new year and unable to relax enough to celebrate the  joy that is the season. So what can you do when you are on your last nerve or your family is driving you up the wall? A solution to such woes in my neck of the woods is drinking, lots and LOTS of vino. Which is not a realistic, or healthy, solve to any of your problems. So instead, try a few simple solutions that will keep you from setting the tree on fire.

Excercise: The number one way to reduce anxiety and get out your stress!  According to the Mayo Clinic, excercise increases your endorphins (your brain’s feel good/happy transmitters), improves your mood (you often feel better about yourself and your life once you’ve worked out) and works out your muscles (which tend to tighten up and tense when you’re facing a stressful situation).  If you’re not a runner (I have to force myself) try a fun hip/hop dance class, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing or spinning. All of these classes (and variants of each) are featured at most mainstream gyms. If you don’t have a gym (they can be costly!) try fast paced walking around you neighborhood or apartment, or try a workout DVD. Jackie, from Work Out (Bravo) released a new, total ass-kicking DVD that works all your muscle groups. (HINT-PERFECT GIFT FOR HEALTH NUTS!)

If you are an outdoorsy girl and are lucky enough to live where it snows for Christmas, call on your inner child and play out in the snow for a dual workout and stress reliever!

  • Sledding/tobogganing/bobsledding: These old-fashioned favorites are not only really fun, but can also burn a whopping 374 calories an hour! (For an average 150lb 65 inch female!)

  • Building a snowman: Who doesn’t love Frosty the Snowman? What makes building your own Frosty even better is the fact it can burn up to 285 calories per hour! Now that’s a yard decoration that serves dual purposes! Just make sure to include the top hat 🙂

  • Having a snowball fight: As a kid, this was my favorite winter day activity, granted I was usually the one getting creamed by my brothers! Either way, snowball fights are a fun, free way to enjoy the cold weather. (Just make sure you are bundled up properly AND avoid the iceballs!) Snowball fights can also burn up to 319 calories per hour!

 Go shopping…FOR YOU!  The holidays are all about gift giving and gift receiving! You find yourself in search of the perfect purse for mom, the newest gadget for dad, the best game for brother and the sweetest gift for your honey, which can be exhausting (not to mention difficult on a budget!) I’ve found myself at near-mental-breakdown status many a time at the local shopping mall in search of the perfect gifts for my loved ones. So what do I do when I’m feeling more like Scrooge than santa? Shop, but of course! but this time, for myself!

I know I know, shopping for oneself during the holiday seems a bit selfish, but who said you can’t give a gift to yourself? We all work hard all year, and we sure work our butts of during the holiday seasons, so why not splurge on that purse you’ve been eyeing or that sassy pair of shoes? If you feel your mental and physical self falling through the cracks, do something to make yourself feel good, beautiful, happy, sexy, relaxed, etc (Which a beautiful new pair of heels or a gorgeous New Years dress most definitely will!) Chances are, if you buy yourself something, you’ll feel better about yourself and more excited to shop for others. Below are a link to my favorite “splurge on me” stores. Shop guilt free!

Go out with your girlfriends. Nothing beats the holiday blues like a nice bitch fest with your favorite gal pals. (Bitch fests help me through any blues, holiday or not!) So when you’re feeling a little bitchy, pissed, stressed, overwhelmed, sad, depressed, angry, i’m-going-to-eat-a-whole-pint-of-icecream (it’s a real feeling, trust me), call your best friends and suggest a meeting to vent. If they are truly your best friends, they’ll drop what they are doing and meet you. Grab lunch at a nice, quiet deli or go window shopping at your favorite outdoor mall (if you’re in DC, I suggest Tyson’s Galleria or Bethesda Row My favorite thing to do is meet up for cocktails. I’ve had some of the best laughing/bitch sessions of my life over a few martinis. (Just don’t get sloppy, no one likes a drooling-stumbling-overherself-bitching friend).

Because it’s the holiday season, and we’d all rather be caroling, laughing and enjoying every minute than stressing and freaking out! (That’s what January 1st is for and the day your holiday credit card bill arrives!) Spend your days relaxed, happy and care-free by following those simple steps! HAPPY RELAXING!


~ by therealnutritionist on December 2, 2009.

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  1. I do believe a certain writer refused to build a snowman when requested!

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