Day 3

Cold is still here, of course. Which means I’ll most likely be staying home from work (which sucks because I’ll still be bed-ridden, yuck!)

So what’s my resolution for today? It’s more of a resolution to follow throughout the year, but needs a starting point. To relax and let things just happen. I have a tendency to over-react to everything and plan everything. If something isn’t going the exact way I had wished and hoped I freak out, complain and get an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Well today, and for days to come, I’m just going to let things happen and live life instead of planning it.

For example, my boyfriend is really silly. He jokes around, wrestles and is a bit clumsy, which can drive me insane because I can’t control it and I can’t handle it. Well today, I just went with it. I let him tackle me, kiss me and just be himself, without complaining, controlling or bitching.

It’ll take some work to be like this everyday, but I’m going to try my dam-dest.

OH and when this cold EVER leaves my sorry little body, I will update with longer posts.

~ by therealnutritionist on January 3, 2010.

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