Staying positive despite a cough and broken bone

So now, to accompany my incurable whooping-cough, I have a fractured elbow. (I know, shit luck, right?) I fell 2 days ago and landed on my left arm, causing my elbow to fracture. We had to rush to the ER at night and have the radiologists manipulate my very painful arm to take x-rays and concur that my elbow was fractured. Yuck! (See below x-rays!) So please excuse the smaller posts for a while (well, until I perfect typing w/ one hand).

So my update for yesterday and today will be short! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I did complete a mini-lution! As I was stuck at home w/ my poor arm in a sling, I decided I was going to text an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to and let them know that I missed them and wanted to talk soon. It’s amazing how something so little could have such a drastic impact on my mood. I was feeling down and sad, and just those few texts immediately made me smile and remember all of our good times.  Here’s a few photos of us partying in Kansas City (what an adventure) last year for our student media trip.

So what’s my mini-lution for today? Simple. To think positively. Obviously my life isn’t perfect right now and with all that is going on, it’s very easy to let self-pity and negativity take control and cause me to feel sad, angry and resentful. So instead, I’m trying to put a positive spin on my current predicaments and try to laugh it off. It is so amazing how just a quick change in attitude can give you a whole new perspective on something, no matter how crummy it may be. So instead of sulking, I’m making jokes about being one-armed and make the statement that this will make a good chapter in my memoir (which I’m already planning!)

~ by therealnutritionist on January 7, 2010.

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