I’m alive, I promise.

Hello Worldpress world, I’m alive. I was on a short hiatus due to overwhelming stress and personal issues, which took an overwhelming toll on my mental and physical being. Although I didn’t post everyday, I still kept strong to my promise and scribbled down my goals in a work notebook, which I plan to share to my fellow bloggers today.

Day 18: Play with numbers…Take on GRE math

Mathematics are not my strong suit, at all. In fact I’d rather give myself a partial lobotomy or open heart surgery than do any sort of math. So this resolution was miserable, trying and boring, but I pushed myself through an hour of algebraic equations and b+y=x. I’m no where near ready yet, but my rusty math brain is dusted off and slowly gearing.

Day 19: Reinstate the food journal

Back in the day [circa] 7th grade, I was a kind-of-chubby swimmer. Well, my coach had decided to make us keep a food journal to be more aware of what we were putting in our bodies. So after just a few short days, I found myself face to face with the reason I was a size 12 at the age of 13; the cupcakes, army size portions of macaroni, and the endless cans of coke that were scribbled in my journal. I was not only ashamed, but embarrassed. What was my coach going to say when he saw this? So I made a conscious effort to improve my eating. And 6 months later, I was a svelte size 2 with an unbeatable freestyle time. Since then, I’ve kept hundreds of journals, which have transformed from notebooks to scattered post-its, none of which were nearly as effective as 7th grade [which makes no sense, I’m 10 years wiser!] So I decided to signal 7th grade me and keep a journal that actually works, one that isn’t filled with white lies or false calorie counts. My new food journal is in a pretty, slim black leather binder and thus far, is accurate [and incredibly embarrassing once again]. If you’re interested in keeping a food journal, here are some great online sites that let you keep a journal on the web!




Day 20: Learn to laugh it off

I have a problem of taking life a little too seriously and seeing things a bit too negatively sometimes. I mentioned this in a previous post, and lately, it’s gotten bad, to the point Elliot is finding it hard to be around me. I’ve hit a bit of a funk, and I know it. I’m having trouble seeing the light in the darkness, so to speak. The worst days being Thursday and Friday. I woke up on Friday and just felt sad and uncharacteristically angry. I had no idea how to shake it, everything nearly brought me to tears. Well, until lunch, when I went out with a friend from work. This friend has a knack for making anyone laugh, no matter the circumstance. And no matter how much i tried to keep my angry-sad-depressed façade, I couldn’t help but just laugh at his outrageous impersonations and crude jokes, and just like magic, I felt better. Then my friend looked at me and said “sometimes, you just gotta laugh it off.” And you know what? It’s the best piece of advice I’ve heard in a long time. Bad days are going to come and people are going to hurt you, make you cry and make you feel like your nothing, and sure the first thing that comes to mind is to shy away and cry, but you can’t. You have to find something, someone, someplace that will make you laugh. Because no matter what ailment or shortcoming you face, laughter is the best medicine.

Day 21:  Donate clothes to charity

 I am a glorified pat rack. I keep everything. Like, everything. Old notes from middle school, stories I wrote when I was 7, shoes from senior prom. And then there’s my closet. Half of my clothes still have tags, some are slightly worn, some more worn, jeans from college, sweaters from high school. It’s getting a little out of control. So on day 21, I gathered all the clothes I know would never see the light of day if they stayed and boxed them up to be sent to charity. I have a feeling they will be loved and will soon be someone’s favorite.

If you are in the mood for some spring cleaning or want to help others in need, visit the sites below.  Your too tight jeans or old sweaters have the potential to save someone’s life by giving them warmth, comfort and opportunity.




~ by therealnutritionist on January 24, 2010.

One Response to “I’m alive, I promise.”

  1. Never take life to seriously, none of us ever make it out alive!

    (However, if you find your “sad funk” lasting longer than a month–seriously talk to someone!) (Talking from experience! 🙂 and just being “Motherly!” Haha

    Love your blog! 🙂

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