Day 22–Eat a donut

I know…gasp! The health nut, nutritionist in training is resolving to eat a donut! Is it a full moon? Is she drunk? An imposter? No. no. None of the above. I’m just a human being, who on crummy days, just wants a freakin’ donut. I’ve gone through phases of my life where a donut was a fortified bad word, something not to be muttered or thought about. They were viewed as bad as drugs and I wasn’t allowed to even look at one. And you know what happened? I ended up bingeing on those forbidden fruits one crummy day, leaving me bloated, depressed, and no more satisfied. [aka, serious food coma, and not nearly as cute as this pup].

Although I’m no where near where I’d like to be physically, I’m going to let myself have one donut. Not a box of them or even two, just one. And you know what friends? It felt fantastic. Self control is a hard, hard characteristic to master, but when you do, your whole life changes because you no longer feel trapped, deprived or crazy. You just feel normal, which coming from a girl whose faced more body issues than most, is the best feeling in the world.

So if your craving a donut, a cookie, an ice cream cone or a piece of cake, let yourself have that one, then walk away. Liberate yourself and your diet, trust me, it’ll change you.

~ by therealnutritionist on January 25, 2010.

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