Nutrition in the News: Can you eat “real” food for a month?

Don’t let this picture fool you, junk food is not something to smile about!

We live in a very processed nation, especially when it comes to food. In this day in age, processed is all that works for some people who are just “too busy” too cook or have to rely on cheap, processed foods due to the recession and millions of job layoffs.

It’s no surprise though, that as our reliance and obsession with processed food continues to increase, the percentage of obese American’s also increases. This frightens us in the health and health care world because it’s a killer that can be prevented. Jennifer McGruther, a blogger for Nourished Kitchen, saw this addiction to processed food and turned an amazing opportunity from it. A challenge, to anyone and everyone, to eat only “real, unprocessed foods” for a month. More than 900 people signed up to try it, stating it would be easy to live without sugary cereals, easy cheese and potato chips.  Although not all 900 persevered, many were able to live without these foods for a month, and voiced how hard it was, but how rewarding they feel now. For the full article, visit

So what is my take on the matter? I am ecstatic that something like this has gained movement. As a nutrition buff and someone passionate about preventing childhood obesity and obesity in adults, I see this as a tremendous step in the right direction, especially since many of the people who did this challenge were parents. Giving up processed foods is not an easy feat, it involves more time, more money and more patience so I’m very eager to touch base with the people who accomplished it and ask them how they did it. I think there needs to be more people out there like Jenny who see such a huge, daunting problem, like obesity, and do what they can to make a difference. It motivates me to think of a similar thing to post on this blog, which I’ll have in the next few weeks.

~ by therealnutritionist on March 3, 2010.

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