Days 26: Going to the chapel and I’m…

…going to get married! [I’m cheesy, I know]. But, as everyone should already know by now, I’m going to get married next spring and I’m really making some serious progress in my planning. Although there are still some aspects that are unknown, the big pieces of the puzzle are already sternly in place, like the place [and 4 venue choices], the color scheme, cake design, our wedding parties, the honeymoon and my dress style! So even though our guest list, the exact venue, the flowers, photographer, invitations and engagement photos are still not done, I am feeling pretty darn good about where we stand!

I’m very honest and excited about everything in my wedding, and you are all a huge part of my life and who I am, so who better to share all of my great finds with? So please, look, comment and let me know your thoughts! I’m brand new to this wedding planning and I am very open to hearing any sort of feedback or advice!

The place: Charleston, SC

How could you not dream to get married here?

Venue 1: Lowdnes Grove


I’m in love with this place. It is my number one choice. It’s a gorgeous plantation home on acres of beautiful gardens right along the Ashley River. Here’s hoping we can afford it!

Venue 2: The William Aiken House

This is a gorgeous old mansion right in downtown Charleston. I love the historic charm and the fantastic location of this beautiful house. The only issue I see is that it might be too small for the wedding and reception.

Venue 3: Magnolia Gardens

🙂 All I can do is smile at this gorgeous view. Magnolia Gardens offers three separate venues, one which overlooks this absolutely beautiful white bridge. Hello perfect, fairy tale wedding!

Venue 4: Seabrook Club

 This country club and golf course right on the ocean is about 30 minutes south of Charleston. What I love about this place is how serene and classic it is, with beautiful views and gorgeous ballrooms.


These are the colors we will use in the decorations for our wedding, like the floral arrangements, table clothes, party favors and invitations. My bridesmaids will also wear either aqua or coral with a pale/sunshine yellow accent. We are thinking of blue, coral and celery being the dominant colors with white and sunshine yellow being the accents. That is subject to change, of course, once we visit the venues and see what the naturally colors are there.

Cake designs:

 I love the classic and feminine look of this cake. It’s simple, delicate, yet fresh and modern at the same time. We will obviously have different colors [not a fan of green cake], but I love this style.

 This is Elliot’s favorite design. It’s so unique and funky, but still contains elements of classic and traditional design. I really love the rosettes and how they look like they are sprouting from the bottom.

Dresses: No need for captions, these picture speak 1000 words

Honeymoon: Hello European getaway!

We’ll start off in Europe to sight see [and Elliot has an obsession with English beer]

And then we’ll stop in Paris, the city of love. What better place to celebrate ours?

And then we will head down to Madrid, where there is sun and sexy Spaniards.

Whats a European vacation without Venice? I can’t wait to drink some great wine and have some delicious pizza!

Then we’ll be off to Berlin to, of course, immerse ourselve in the history of the city.

and we’ll finish off in Greece, of course, to go scuba diving and lay on the beach!

That is all for now [we have to keep somethings a surprise!] But as you can see, we are making some headway in our planning, but there is still a lot of work to be done. [Which is fine by me, I’m having the time of my life planning this!]

I love…that my love and I are going to go exploring in Europe for our honeymoon!


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  1. Love it all! Some of the pics didn’t post, though 😦

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