March Madness and Day 1: Enjoy spring, actively!

MARCH MADNESS! Wahoo! Sorry for the excitement, I just love March, for many reasons but two of which are the most important.

1. NCAA final four, baby! Who doesn’t love filling out brackets and betting on who will win? If you haven’t already filled out your bracket, don’t fret! You aren’t too late! Visit for a printable blank bracket to fill out. Also, check with your workplace or favorite restaurant/bar to see if they have a pool with an available spot!

2. Spring time! After this horrendous winter, I am over the moon excited about spring, sunshine, flip-flops and day dresses!  With the weather expected to be in the 70’s the rest of March, it’s going to be a chore to keep me locked up inside!

Now, I realize it’s a little past the beginning of March, but in true claire fashion, I have gotten a bit backed up with my days [thanks to a vacation in Vegas, very busy weeks at work and wedding planning]. So for today, it’s March 1st and will be until I get my life together and am up to date 🙂 Thank  you all for your patience!

Day 1: Join a spring sport league!

As I mentioned above, I love spring. Everything about it. Every year when the weather starts to warm up and the sun stays shining past 6pm, I get antsy, excited and eager to get out and tackle the “new things to try” list I make up every winter. Well, this year is no different, and my list is long [about 300 activities deep] due to the massively harsh winter we faced and my new years resolution. And with the weather in the 50’s and the sun shining, I found no better time to sign up for a spring sports league!

Now, I’ve always been active, but I honestly have not played a team sport since high school and truthfully, I really miss it. I miss the comradery and the bonds you make with people you spend a whole season with. So I enlisted the company of one of my best friends and we joined a spring kickball league for adults! [Which means it’s sponsored by a bar and there will be lots of happy hours!]

Our practices and games begin in April and our team name is “The Sex Panthers.” As people who are both unhappy with their current physiques and still eager to meet new people, this opportunity will serve as more than just a spring activity, but will also be a place for us to get in better shape while having fun with new friends.

When I get my schedule from our captain, I will post it on here so those in the DC area can come watch! It’s bound to be hilarious to watch us and beers/parties will follow. What better way to spend the beautiful spring and summer nights and weekends than with new friends, great weather and good drinks?

If you are interested in joining a similiar league in the dc area, visit

If you are located elsewhere, go to and enter the activity you are interested in as well as your location for suggestions near you! You are never too old to get out and play!

~ by therealnutritionist on March 16, 2010.

One Response to “March Madness and Day 1: Enjoy spring, actively!”

  1. Thank you for reminding me of! I’ve been to it before, but now that I’m moving to the DC area I’ll probably actually use it! And if I’m ever around when you have a game, I will def come watch.

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