Nutrition in the News: Calorie Counts in Restaurants

The Health Reform bill, that was signed into law yesterday, has language that demands restaurant owners post their calorie count information in their restaurants for every piece of food/meal they sell. This nutritional information must be posted on all indoor walls and drive through menus. Questions that were brought up on whether or not posting the caloric information will affect consumers eating habits were quickly answered when a preliminary study released results that stated consumers who used the information they saw ate 106 fewer calories than those who did not.

After reading this, I think I actually lept for joy. I’m so happy that this was included in the Health Reform Law, for myself, who is always having to google after I eat and for the millions of Americans who really just do not know the nutritional breakdown of what they are eating. I think this will open the eyes of all of those people and will hopefully help them choose better meals.

I know not everyone will be affected and many people will disregard it [when you want a Big Mac, it’s hard to convince you otherwise]. But by providing the information gives them the opportunity to see what they are putting in their bodies and really shifts the “blame” back to the people. For years, people suffering with obesity were blaming the fast food restaurants and chain restaurants for “fattening them up with big portions and unhealthy options” which, in part, was true. However, now, they have no one else to blame but themselves when they continue to gain weight because they still chose the 800 calorie triple  hamburger over the 250 calorie salad. When it’s in their face and they are choosing to turn away, it’s no one’s fault but their own.

I also think this will provide families who are too busy to look up nutritional information he opportunity to provide healthier options to their children. I think this is years overdue but I am so excited that it has happened. I don’t think this will eradicate our obesity epidemic but I think it will help. One step in the right direction is definitely better than staying stagnant!

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~ by therealnutritionist on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “Nutrition in the News: Calorie Counts in Restaurants”

  1. YES! This is a great great option! Now I won’t accidentally eat anymore 800 calorie salads when I think it should be around 500.

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