Days 17-19: Get a new hobby

This sums up my current boredom!

I don’t have ADD, per say, but I get bored of things really quickly. Whether it be tv shows, movies, clothes, people, jobs or places to call home, my mind starts to wander and my feet start to jitter after just a short while [sometimes this happens after just a day!] I’ve always been this way and I don’t know where my wandering soul came from but I can’t stay stuck in the same place doing the same thing for too long or I start to go insane. Usually, I can stay still if there are new people and new things to keep me occupied, but even that is no guarantee. So as I gazed out the window on day 17, I couldn’t help but let my mind and body begin to wander.

Since I can’t move and have no vacation days left to use, I needed to find something else to appease my urge to run into a new life. It took some time but I realized what my cure could be [if even is just temporary for 2 days]. What I need to keep me occupied for a while is a new hobby, one that inspires, challenges and entertains me. So after some deliberation, I came up with just the thing. Start my own little garden.

It’s imperative to first mention two key things before I go on. 1. I live in an apartment in the city. 2. I do not have a green thumb. Knowing these two things head on, I still decided to perservere and begin my own little vegetable greenhouse. As a health nut, I try to eat fresh produce whenever I get the chance, however, I run into the issue of my fruits and vegetables going bad because I am unable to eat them up quickly. So not only does a vegetable garden provide me with entertainment, it will also provide me with fresh, home-grown produce that I won’t need to throw out!

Even though we have just a small step out, the space seems perfect for a little outside garden. I also wanted to have an “indoor garden” by having a few plants and floral arrangements scattered about the living room and dining room. Luckily, that part was easy. On day 17 I just grabbed a few plants for our local nursery and some bouquets from Costco and went to town. It only took about two hours to get the plants situated and the flowers sitting nicely in a crystal vase. The next task, which included planting seeds and actual gardening, was going to be a bit tougher.

Flowers add natural beauty to any home!

Waking up on day 18, I felt motivated and excited to begin my step-out garden. I began the day by buying the necessary “ingredients” for a perfect apartment garden.

4 pots filled with nutrient-rich soil

Seeds [I went with Zucchini, Peas, Peppers and mini Carrots]


Water and sunshine!

The utensils needed for a patio/apartment garden are less than those needed for a regular garden, which is both convenient and budget friendly! However, it is very important to do research on your location before you buy seeds so you can see which vegetables or plants grow best in which climate zones. Many fruits and vegetables are very temperamental where they grow while some are not. Make sure to check out when the last frost is scheduled for your area before you try to plant. If you live in DC, visit, this site has great tips on gardening as well as key information on DC frost zones and what vegetables grow best when. The map below can also give you an idea on lows and frost zones in your area.

How far apart to plant seeds from each other valso aries on the vegetable. It’s important to research this so the plants have plenty of room to grow without overcrowding. [For example, since peppers are larger, each seed needs to be spaced about 18-24 inches apart from each other]. For a great guide on planting and harvesting vegetable gardens [as well as information on how to space each vegetable] visit

Once you have your seeds planted and pots situated outside, it’s important to remember to water the containers everyday. For many vegetables, the time it takes them to grow from seed to fruit differs, so be sure to write down the normal growing period for your fruit or vegetable so you can check on their status as that day arrives.  [My zucchini will be full-grown in about 55 days from March 19th, 65 days for my carrots, 55 days for peas and 60 days for my peppers!]

There is nothing healthier [what’s more natural than right outside your window!] or more cost efficient than growing your own produce. So if you are like me and need something new to occupy your time this spring, try your hand at gardening! You’ll be surprised at how fun [and rewarding] it is to start your own produce section!

[Pictures will be posted soon of my little sprouting garden!]

For more tips on apartment gardening, visit


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