Days 3-4 [Wedding]: Overcome procrastination

This picture sums up the current state of my life. I have about 5,000 things I need and want to do but keep putting off actually doing them. Oh, the fine tuned art of procrastination. I’d like to thank college for introducing me to procrastination, because it was there that I learned and mastered, quite effectively, the ability to put off everything in my life until it absolutely had to be done. I had the naive notion that when I graduated, the excitement and ambition that got me there would persevere, leaving the art of procrastination back in Georgia. Well, folks, notice how I said “naive notion?” Because here I am, almost a year later, still procrastinating on…well…everything in my life.

So, to go along with my mini-lution to declutter my mind and get a great start to the month, I am going to overcome procrastination by setting realistic, yet hard, deadlines and getting a start of all of my major projects today and this weekend.  Now, you’ll notice that the headline has “wedding” in the brackets, for a few reasons. 1. Most of the things I keep “pushing off” have to do with my wedding 2. I’ve gotten lazy in my planning since we have all of the big things taken care of.  So I’m going to continue to declutter my mind and get started on the thousands of wedding details I’ve, sadly, put on the back burner.

1. Theme. Trying to come up with a theme is, without a doubt, what put me into the wedding procrastination predicament. [It’s just too darn hard!]  I have an idea in my mind but then my fiance, who is a bit more stubborn, shoots it down. I want to do a somewhat traditional, old south theme, but he does not. I came up with a few more but we just could not find something to agree on. With any relationship, agreeing on something is hard enough, but add the stress of the wedding? Argument central. However, just putting off the topic at hand is not a good solution either. So to avoid a fight and still get this done in a timely matter, we are going to sit down and customize our own theme, with aspects of the traditional southern idea that I love and a more modern feel for him. Check and Mate friends!

2. Giftbags. Something that should be really fun and creative is turning out to be one of the biggest things I procrastinate on. People outside of the wedding planning realm have NO idea how much work goes into gifts for guests and goody bags. A wedding is one of the biggest days of your lives and you want to show that you appreciate everyone for coming [in my case, for flying, getting a hotel, renting a car], but you also don’t want to blow your WHOLE budget on just the bags. After doing some brief Google searches, I can easily see how some brides can spend upwards of 10,000 on gift bags for their guests! As much as I LOVE my guests, I just can’t be forking over that kind of dough for these bags. The inital price tag is what pushed this duty far off my radar. So to tackle the gift bag assembling and stay within budget, I’m going to harness my inner Martha [and seek help from my loving and dedicated bridesmaids] and make some of the gifts from scratch [see my previous post on DIY weddings to get a sneak peek of what else I plan on making!] That way I’ll save money and will have a way to keep busy and occupied on the task at hand.

3. Honeymoon.  With 345 days until the wedding, the honeymoon is not high on my priority list [as it shouldn’t be]. But with our plans including out of country travel, I might need to stop putting that off [or leaving it to El] and bump it to a bit higher on my forever long to-do list. Planning an out of country honeymoon has a lot of components and in order to get the best price, we need to book sooner rather than later. What makes this so easy to procrastinate is that the date is not as steadfast as our wedding. However, to get the best rate, best flights and ensure we have everything we need for a two-week getaway, we need to start making some plans soon. So, to make sure we don’t end up staying in hostels on our honeymoon, I am going to create a “honeymoon to do list” that includes all of the necessary components. I’m also going to start talking with a travel agent to figure the best deals, when to book and what kind of packages are geared towards newlyweds.

So wish me luck in kicking my nasty procrastination habit to the curb as I continue on my wedding planning!


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