Day 8: Add a bit of spice to my life

Who doesn’t want their life to be just a little bit more spicy? We could talk for hours about ways to spice up every aspect of life [probably will be coming in a few posts!] so to keep this on the short and sweet side, let’s just talk food. [Because really, that’s ultimately what this blog is about! Eating good food that is healthy and delicious!]

Adding a bit of spice to your dishes doesn’t add just flavor, it adds health benefits and fat blasting power! So which spices stack up in helping you achieve your weight loss?

Cinnamon: One of the main ingredients in Chinese Five Spice, this spice by itself also provides serious benefits. A study found that people who had cinnamon in their diet everyday had lower blood pressure. The cinnamon also helped to increase the body’s natural production of insulin!

Chili: This common spice is found in most hot sauces and can pack some serious heat! Other than burning your tounge this spice can burn up calories! The compound that makes chili, Capsaicin, has been shown to rev up metabolism, work as an appetite suppressant and can increase satiety, which means fullness.

Turmeric: This bright yellow spice does more than just add color to your dish. Turmeric, which is a good source of Vitamin B and potassium can lower cholesterol, help guard your body against cancer and can erase the symptoms of many gastrointestinal problems, such as Chrons’.

Black pepper: This spice, which is added into most foods you eat, works to stimulate the secretion of stomach acids, which improve digestion and help regulate the stomach’s natural acids. This works to help you feel less bloated and gasy. [Yuck!]

Cumin: This popular Indian spice [which is found in many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes] is rich in iron, which works to improve digestion, improve immune health and help to protect the stomach and liver from the formation of tumors!

Mustard: This spice, which is most commonly found in the liquid stuff we add to hotdogs, is much more than a condiment! Mustard seeds are known to protect against gastrointestinal diseases as well as work to lessen the effects of asthma and arthritis. Mustard is also a good source of omega fatty acids, iron, zinc and calcium, which all work to protect your bone, muscle and immune health.

So tonight, add a bit of spice to your dinner for an added kick in both taste and health!


~ by therealnutritionist on April 19, 2010.

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